Beacon Tracker

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Beacon requires an iPhone or iPad for setup and tracking.

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In a world filled with prized possessions and valuable equipment, the importance of a trustworthy tracking solution can't be emphasized enough. Enter Beacon, a state-of-the-art asset locator designed to elegantly integrate into the Apple ecosystem.

At the core of Beacon's brilliance is its seamless integration with Apple's Find My Network. Simply link it to the 'Items' tab in your iPhone or iPad's Find My app, and instantly bring everything, from personal trinkets to larger assets like ATVs and boats, under your watchful eye.

The true value of Beacon goes beyond just personal items. Its design is equipped with a practical built-in keyring slot, making it effortless to attach to a variety of items. However, its capabilities stretch even further. Whether you're looking to monitor tools, trailers, boats, or a wide range of commercial equipment, Beacon stands as a vigilant sentinel, ensuring your assets are always accounted for.

Powered by a CR2032 coin battery, Beacon promises longevity. Expect up to a year of consistent, reliable service. And when it's time to refresh? The battery replacement is a straightforward affair. To maximize the tracking experience, it's recommended to use Beacon with the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS.

Choosing Beacon means choosing peace of mind. It's not just a product; it's a commitment to ensuring what's precious remains protected. Step into a new dimension of asset tracking. Embrace the Beacon experience today.

Beacon requires an iPhone or iPad for setup and tracking.

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