Waterproof Power Cable for SPOT Trace

  • 4999

For SPOT Trace

The SPOT Waterproof DC Power Cable provides a secure power connection between your SPOT Trace and a DC power source, such as a Battery.


Waterproof Rating:

Cable Length:
9ft (3m)

Operating Temperature:
-40˚ C to 85˚ C

Average Output Current:
8 - 22VDC

Input Fuse:

Note: If you use rechargeable batteries with your SPOT Trace, the DC power cable will not charge them when connected. Rechargeable batteries cannot be charged while within the SPOT Trace. It is recommended to install charged batteries even while using line in power to ensure the device will function even if the line in power is cut.

Use of any accessories not approved by SPOT will invalidate the SPOT Trace warranty and may be dangerous. All specifications subject to change without notice.

Please allow for possible minor cosmetic differences from what is pictured to what is received.

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